A Reflection of Friendship

It has always been hard for me to get close to people since I have been in ministry. I know that sounds crazy, but many of my Pastor friends have always told me never to  be transparent. But, I was bound and determined to prove them wrong. However, over the past 25 years of ministry…

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Our Largest Gangs are Red and Blue

I first want to start with the meaning of the colors of American Flag: The official national colors of the United States are seen on the American flag – red, white, and blue. Although the colors did not have a specified meaning at the time the American flag was adopted, they did for the Great Seal of…

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No Where To Run

Most days at our outreach center we are filled with people, churches and organizations walking through our doors and asking for some type of help. It gives all of us such a great opportunity to witness the awesome Hand of God working through us to feed and meet the needs of these groups. I had…

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