A Can of Food

can of foodFor the past 10 years, I have been part of a group of individuals who have fed the hungry, clothed the naked and tried our best to take care of Widows and Children. We have so seen the Hand of God move on many lives and the provision He has given us to help those in need has been great. Walking by faith is a very rewarding journey. You truly get to witness more of God than you could ever imagine. He is real and full of Grace and Mercy. I have seen drug addicts made whole, gang members taking what they have learned from the streets and help to rise up their neighborhoods, the sick made whole, a mother forgive the very person who killed her daughter, and so much more. Today however I witnessed something I thought I would never witness. Our foodbank is in need now more than ever. The rise of people and families hurting is 10 fold. If people do not believe the economy is hurting right now, I would encourage them to come see for themselves at the hurt we are seeing daily. This is not a feel sorry for us story, we know where our strength comes from. This is a story of doing what God said in His Word, to let the need be made known so He can work through His people to help meet the need. I do not feel sorry or discouraged or depressed. I know beyond all shadow of a doubt that God is going to fill our foodbank one can at a time. Yesterday I sent out an email to some fellow minister friends of mine to get them to pray for me and to consider sharing our need with others. What I got back was, “we are so sorry you are going through this we know something will happen for you”. I had one to remind me I was coming to speak in his church and they would give me $1000.00 to do this and to try and see if I could get someone to front me the money now until I came to speak (are you kidding me). This is not about someone fronting me the money knowing there is money coming in…this is about giving people an opportunity today to help other people by buying an extra can of food or by going into your cabinets to see what can be given or by given $1.00 for a can of food. To have someone say they are sorry for us is not faith. Standing with and Believing for the provision and letting others know there is an opportunity to help others is what we need. Where are the true Believers out there who can stand with us and Believe the provision is just outside. Where are the true Believers who know God is still a healing God. Where are the true Believes who know that God supplies ALL our needs. I know where one is….a 5th grade girl saw my post earlier and brought me “A Can of Food” from her cabinet today. She said that is all she could get but wanted us to have it so it would help a family.  A True Believer……


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