A Father’s Heart

I can remember when Kay and I decided to have kids that the Doctors told us we would never be able to have children. You can imagine the pain we both felt. However, I have a wife that is so in-tune with God and she told me to not waver in our faith. Of course, I had very little faith at this time in our relationship…the faith I had, was in MY abilities and I always had a plan B or so I thought. One morning as I was getting ready for work, Kay told me she had a dream that we were going to have a son and his name would be Cameron. I told her or should I say reminded her what the Doctors said…(not the right thing to say at this time, “make a note”). She got right in my face and said, “GOD TOLD HER WE ARE GOING TO HAVE A SON AND DO NOT SAY OTHERWISE”.

Eight Years Later….

One night as I was finishing up with the youth at church my wife called me (can you say Bag Phone). She said I need to come home and get her surprise…you can imagine what I was thinking….as I came through the door at home, she was standing there in tears, of course I thought something was wrong and she grabbed me and hugged me as hard as she could and said, “we are going to have a baby”. It literally took my breath away… My son Cameron┬ájust recently graduated with a 3.8 and has started his own business in photography and is one of the most awesome young men I know. God gave Kay and I a miracle, a son man said we would never have, a son God told Kay to name him Cameron. Our Father’s Heart is to give us our heart’s desires. He will never leave us nor forsake us. He gives us the very breath that sustains us. The Fathers Heart is one of Love, Forgiveness, Grace, Restoration, Healing and so much more. I want to encourage you with this short blog to look toward the Father’s Heart, He will bring you to a place of peace and joy.

I have had the opportunity to be a Father to so many youth in this country. And I have seen the Hand of God in each of them. I am so thankful to God for giving me my son and all the son’s and daughters He has allowed me to serve, teach and love. “My earthly Father taught me responsibility…My Heavenly Father taught me posibility”

Cameron and I hiking with Mom

God Bless each of you and Happy Fathers Day to you and to my Heavenly Father!

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