Allowing Our Youth To Grow Up Without God

For the past 25 years, I have had the opportunity to Mentor hundreds of youth and see them grow up to be adults. One of the great things that God allows me to see are those whom He has given me to Mentor develop into awesome young men and women serving God. You know if it had not been for people like Jan and Ken Sutterfield, Dr. Charles Wright, and my favorite teacher Ms. Halbrook. I would not be serving God today. girl

Did you know that 70% of youth whose parents are incarcerated will go to prison….I say all this to say…why are we having such a hard time getting the Church to open their doors to help some additional youth who are without their mom and/or dad and give us excuses that they already have programs and ministries to serve youth. We are not asking them to start a new program, we are asking them to add to what they are already doing. It is fear, is it the other people’s problem, is it my idea or none at all?….I can appreciate and do appreciate all the work that each ministry does and thank God for them but to deny those who have yet to find what their passion is by keeping opportunities for ministry at bay is incomprehensible. We actually had a ministry to write this,

Thanks so much for what you do.  I can only imagine the impact that you are having in the lives of these kids.  And I would love to say that we can step into this and help.  However, we have a number of developing ministries within our church that are reaching out to families and individuals that need to be mentored off the streets and into a sustainable life with Christ in the center.  We are also going to be developing a mentoring ministry for the many kids of single moms that we are connected with.  Due to this, I know that we will not have the capacity to engage in anything more. “. 

So why can’t we get them to allow the 10 youth who are in their neighborhood (and they said,“reaching out to families and individuals that need to be mentored off the streets”) to  be a part of what they are doing….(now for those of you who will write, “at least they are doing something….”). I agree but, I can assure you that not everyone of their 1500 members is involved in those ministries. We have seen from many of the church’s we go to never open their doors to give their congregation the opportunity to say yes to mentoring a child. I am however grateful to some of those who have opened their doors and they are seeing awesome fruit come from this experience.

We actually have a list of all the youth whose parents are incarcerated and all we need are the church’s to say, “we would like to get them involved in our church.” The time it will take to Mentor one of these youth is 4 hours a month. So Robert, what does that look like….you get up on Sunday morning get dressed and pick up one of these youth…take them to church…and take them to lunch…then take them home. THERE YOU HAVE YOUR 4 HOURS. It is not difficult! We hope that it will turn into more time spent,but if we can just get this accomplished we have done something to change a child’s life.

So now I am asking YOU to help us get in the doors of your church so we may come in and find people who will not allow our children to keep going down the roads of destruction and negative behaviors and will possibly lose their lives. We need YOU to help us find Mentors for the over 7000 youth in our state whose parents are incarcerated a Godly Mentor. Maybe it is you or maybe you are the one to help us get the word out. PLEASE…..

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