Ever Been In a Hard Place in Your LIFE

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One of the hardest lessons I ever had to learn about helping others is, “I cannot change them.” My job is to plant seeds of love and positive direction. Another lesson I have learned is to expect great things. I always hear people say, “I hope this or that happens.” Did you know the word “hope” means expecting great things? I am one of those weird guys who comes up with acronyms for words. For me, LIFE means…Living In Full Expectations. If each of us lived as Living In Full Expectations of, say… Love, goodness, peace, gentleness, joy… well you get the picture, we might see our world  change in an awesome way. However, expecting good and love in someone who has demonstrated nothing but evil toward us is not easy. Living in a life where there seems no way out of darkness feels hopeless.

I want to share a story with you that might give you some hope. I remember several years ago getting a call one night from the hospital asking me to come and pray for the family of a little girl. You see, this little girl had been shot by a drive by shooter who thought they were going to get another person, but instead, the bullets found a sleeping little girl. I remember walking into the hospital room and putting out my hand to pray for the little girl. I felt her hand turn from warm to cold in my hand as she passed from this world at that moment (a sensation that stayed with me for a very long time after that night). Three years went by, and one day the mother called me and asked if I would come to the grave site with her to pray. I went to meet with her and we prayed. Afterward, she looked up at me and told me that she had gone to the prison where the young person had been incarcerated for the crime. This woman had faced the murderer of her young daughter, and she told the individual that she had forgiven them. I was thinking to myself, could I do that? This was an act of true LOVE in the midst of a tragic, heartbreaking, unfair, unexplainable, and senseless circumstance.

You know, when we are facing a hard place in life, it always seems that the easiest way out is the best way out. But can I submit to you that the most LOVING way out is actually the best way out. You might be so angry or so hurt by your situation that you can’t imagine ever getting past it, but I can assure you that Love always wins. I know there are many of you thinking, “But Robert, you can’t possibly know what I’ve been through! You do not understand my pain!” And you are completely right. I’ve not walked in your shoes, but I have seen that in all of the hard situations that I and my loved ones have faced in life, this principle ALWAYS bears fruit. When LOVE is your first motive, when you CHOOSE to forgive those who hurt you, you can EXPECT LIFE to be fully restored. Always remember that negative actions and words can never be taken back. Harsh words are a sign of weak minds. Divisive actions are a sign of a weak hearts. People who seek to control others do so because they are weak spiritually. Pride is a sign of an immature soul. Jesus said that the greatest two commandments are, “To love God with all your heart, mind, soul and spirit, and to love your neighbor as yourself”. IF YOU DO NOT START HERE, IT WILL BE VERY DIFFICULT TO GET OUT OF YOUR HARD PLACE….

LOVE… is the only source of real LIFE….



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