Our Largest Gangs are Red and Blue

I first want to start with the meaning of the colors of American Flag:

The official national colors of the United States are seen on the American flag – red, white, and blue. Although the colors did not have a specified meaning at the time the American flag was adopted, they did for the Great Seal of the United States in 1782:

Red is a symbol of valor and braverylogo-for-website3
White symbolizes purity and innocence
Blue signifies vigilance, perseverance, and justice

I am finding more and more where we as a nation have forgotten who we are as a people, “One Nation Under God”. I refuse to allow anyone to hinder me from my walk and my beliefs as a believer in Jesus Christ to try and get me to compromise what I stand for. When I am asked to speak at conferences around the country, most of them know who I am and what I believe. I do not brag, condemn, judge nor look down upon someone just because they do not believe the same way as I do. My God tells me to love those that despitefully use me, to love my enemies, to love with out regard to color or political beliefs. Which brings me to my story. At my conferences, I ask the question who are our largest gangs? The answer is always Crips (blue) and Bloods (red) and I tell the crowd they have the right colors…it is Democrats and Republicans. I tell them that people will vote Democrat no matter who it hurts and they will vote Republican no matter who it hurts as long as they are either part of my Blue gang or my Red gang. I ask the question, “how can we expect our children to change, when we as adults can’t change”? Well today, I had a close friend and dear brother of mine call me, he was concerned about a conversation he had with a fellow co-worker in the community who received an email from us about Asa Hutchinson coming to our outreach center. The fellow co-worker was concerned about how that would look if a candidate who was running for office, especially one the fellow co-worker was not in agreement with would come to Healing Waters as a candidate. This co-worker was concerned for my friend being associated with us and wanted to find out if we were endorsing Asa Hutchinson and they did not want my friend to be caught off guard. I do understand politics, but when it comes to saving our youth, families, and communities for Christ and if the individuals who are coming to our center are Christ Centered, I do not care what color they represent nor do I care if we are threatened to not get funding from certain groups because we might have people they do not agree with come see how we work and how they might be able to help Arkansas Families. I am not about political correctness, I am about Christ correctness! I do not care how I am perceived as long as people can perceive Christ in me. I should not have to tell people I believe in Christ, they should see Him in me. I know my brother who called me was concerned and I so appreciate him and his heart, but the fellow worker not realizing, was being a distraction and planting seeds of division. I also want to say that I do not support red or blue, I support the Red, White and Blue and my Lord is head over all and He will always be the one I support and answer too. He is my provider and no individual or group will take that away from me or my family. So I encourage anyone whether you are running for an office, in office or just need an office to come see how God can use you to bring Hope, Faith and Love to the families we serve in our Great State of Arkansas…Love you all and Blessings, r



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