School / Community Education

Looking for love in all the wrong places is a sign of the times. Fear has gripped our neighborhoods and schools. Law enforcement is overworked and overwhelmed. Teachers are expected to raise our children as well as instruct them, while dealing with parents who say “my child would never do that.”

WE DO HAVE A SOLUTION! After working the streets and schools since 1994, our hands-on outreach and prevention team can equip you to reach young people in your community without fear. If you’re tired of programs that don’t work, and people that don’t care, contact us. We know LOVE works … so a well-equipped ARMY of LOVE can change the world!

Awareness Training

Many times we find out too late. We may sense something is wrong, but we try to ignore it, not wanting to believe something is wrong. Fear and lack of information can be huge hindrances to helping someone we love. This is why understanding and awareness are so important.  LOVE offers a variety of training workshops and seminars geared to inform and equip us with information that can help overcome fears and reach out to those who are hurting, so they can get the help that they need. In these workshops, you will learn how to identify involvement with gangs, drugs, cults, addictions, and other risky or abusive situations, and ways to help those who are involved. We will inform you as to the signs to look for, the effects of various drugs, and will update you on the latest trends among young people related to involvement in such activities. We also will train and equip you with the tools needed to develop LOVE teams, In School Suspension (ISS) programs, or other outreach efforts in your school, church, neighborhood, and/or community.

We offer training for:

  • School administration and parent/teacher associations
  • Church administration, members, youth leaders, and youth groups
  • Neighborhood Associations and Alert Centers
  • Community children & youth services organizations
  • Health and Mental Health professionals
  • Law enforcementJudicial system employees
  • Department of Health & Human Services
  • Foster care parents
  • Non-profit organizations

School Assemblies

School assemblies involve a team of individuals who have struggled with adversity in their lives… and overcome. LOVE can help you and your school initiate positive change in your students and staff through highly motivated and solution-oriented programs. Our assemblies incorporate youth, adults, drama, dance, media, and motivational speakers who are real and relevant. All assemblies are encouraging and uplifting. To date, we have brought the message of LOVE to over 500,000 students and school personnel.

L.O.V.E. Attract Team members are young people who have experienced gang activity, violence in or out of the home, drug/alcohol dependence, and other issues that plague many of today’s teens. These young leaders are able to connect with youth through school assemblies and after school programs. Because they have made it through similar challenges that other students struggle with, they are able to establish instant rapport. Because someone stepped in and helped them, they in turn want to help others.

LOVE Teams
There are currently more than 6000 students involved in school and neighborhood LOVE Teams. These teams are responsible for developing and implementing positive changes in their schools and communities.

L.O.V.E. teams are comprised of any interested students, along with adult sponsors. The core students and their sponsors complete peer outreach training, where the group brainstorms and identifies ways to begin reaching out to other students.

L.O.V.E. Teams decide as a group on the types of projects they want to pursue, and these service-learning projects are designed to demonstrate tangible and creative ways the students can give back to their communities. Examples of projects might include school beautification, nursing home visits, food for the homeless, housing for the elderly, working with disabled children, and promoting goodwill toward teachers.

At present, 35 L.O.V.E. Teams involving over 6,000 students have been established in areas where gangs and drugs are prevalent.

In School Suspension

An In School Suspension (ISS) program was established in the 2005-06 academic year through a contract with the Little Rock Public Schools. Four (4) trained adult counselors work daily in the ISS programs of Henderson and Forest Heights Middle Schools and Hall, McClellan, and JA Fair High Schools in Little Rock.

These counselors teach a behavior modification class, and facilitate follow-up support groups for students once the students leave the ISS program, to continue to encourage them to remain positive and maintain their grades. Two specific support groups have been created for those needing additional support: an Anger Management group and an Addiction support group. We have seen great success and have received great reviews from the teachers and administrators of each of the schools.

LOVE is pleased to provide training to other schools in how to implement their own ISS Program.