Victory Over Violence

Victory Over Violence Coalition

Arkansas’ Victory Over Violence Coalition 


AVOV is a coalition of KARK 4 News and Fox16 News through the Victory Over Violence campaign and ordinary people and community organizations who believe they can make a difference in their community by reaching out to children and families … one person at a time.

WHY are we doing this?

Many children and families in Central Arkansas need help, but not just the help of a committee, an event, a program, or a check. Most people today need hands and hearts reaching out, person-to-person. It’s not that difficult, really. It’s all about being a friend.

  • Youth need caring mentors and healthy, safe activities
  • Adults need information, resources, training and a supportive network
  • Churches need members to be equipped for serving as the heart of the community
  • Nonprofit organizations must maximize their impact by sharing resources and working together
  • Business leaders should support the people that support their business
  • WE all have a responsibility to care for one another


Please read on to find your niche. You have a talent that will specifically meet the needs of someone out there. We are finding that just four hours a month can change a life – forever.

HOW do we do it?

  • We build partner relationships on the foundation of trust, service and responsibility by following through on what we say we are going to do. These partners work together to address local needs and advocate for the community. Our media partner will help to develop a strategic impact plan to recruit volunteers and tell encouraging and uplifting stories of proven solutions.
  • We gather information and connect resources to the people and agencies that need them.
  • We recruit and train caring adult mentors and volunteers to engage with local schools, youth serving groups, and individual kids and families.
  • We train people to effectively reach kids involved in risky behaviors like alcohol, drugs, gangs, violence, school suspension, etc.



  • AVOV is a diverse group representing many organizations, including law enforcement, media, public and private schools, youth serving groups, mental health, medical, substance abuse, nonprofit and faith based organizations, community leaders, city officials, businesses, crisis response, and conflict resolution.
  • Our vision is to open and maintain lines of communication, look for ways to collaborate, share information and resources, and ultimately maximize all our efforts to do the most good.


What is AVOV doing right now?

  • Our community-building theories and approaches are being tested in a pilot project in Central Arkansas. Many area churches, schools, businesses, and community leaders have been enlisted, outreach initiated, and projects implemented. Lessons are being learned and the processes refined. Once tested and proven, what we achieve here can be replicated elsewhere.

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