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Depression. Anger. Risk-taking behavior. All can be replaced with Love, Faith and Hope.

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The children of inmates are at greater risk for a wide range of emotional and behavioral problems that too often lead to a criminal lifestyle. 70% of these children will go to prison if we, as believers, do nothing. Going beyond the Angel Tree Christmas Program, Angel Tree Mentoring equips churches to match vulnerable children with caring, Christian mentors who will point them toward Jesus and help them stay on course.

Studies indicate that mentoring by a caring adult is the single most effective strategy for building character and curbing destructive behavior.

Christian mentors can improve the lives of prisoners’ children by:

  • Being an example of the love of Jesus Christ (4 hours a month).
  • Improving young people’s attitudes toward their parents, peers and teachers.
  • Encouraging students to stay motivated and focused on their education.
  • Providing a positive way for young people to spend free time.
  • Helping young people face daily challenges.
  • Offering young people opportunities to consider new career paths and get much-needed economic skills and knowledge.

The mentor is not expected to be the child’s savior, therapist, surrogate parent or peer. The mentor is meant to be a friend, coach, confident and a role model.

Learn more about how you can save a child’s life for Jesus Christ.

Call Justin Ratliff, Director of Mentoring Outreach – Arkansas State Mentoring Coalition at (479) 970-8536. Or register today by following the link below.

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